In the world of luxury travel, there are few experiences that can beat the combination of exquisite service, breathtaking landscapes and culinary delights. MEROS YACHTSHARING and Schmackofatzo have joined forces to offer exactly this type of unforgettable experience: exclusive Luxury Yacht Dining experiences that pamper the senses and invigorate the spirit.

Our Services

The exclusive Luxury Yacht Dining experiences offered by MEROS YACHTSHARING and Schmackofatzo offer a unique opportunity to combine luxury, cuisine and adventure.

About us

MEROS YACHTSHARING stands for first-class yacht experiences and unforgettable adventures on the water. Schmackofatzo is a renowned food & lifestyle magazine.

Our Services

The exclusive Luxury Yacht Dining experiences offer a unique opportunity to combine luxury, cuisine and adventure.


Experience luxury like never before with the Luxury Yacht Dining, where we offer an unparalleled yachting adventure complemented by an array of exclusive services.

Our Team


Here at MEROS we are aiming to redefine how you look at yacht sharing. We have meticulously combined the sunseeker dream of sole ownership with the convenience of charter. An ownership that releases you of responsibility and limitations while retaining the beauty of personalisation and exclusivity.


I am the so-called ‘Girl Friday. My passion lies in bringing people together at Meros and creating the absolute atmosphere of well-being. Whether it’s trade shows, events, or other gatherings at Meros, I take care of the organisation and smooth operation behind the scenes with the aim of providing the utmost comfort for our clients.


“Schmackofatzo” is my food & lifestyle magazine. I have been self-employed as a photographer and videographer since 2001. I have always been particularly interested in food and lifestyle. I am active in the areas of food and lifestyle for my readers under the keyword “Schmackofatzo”. The label “” stands for contemporary enjoyment and a new appreciation for gourmets.



Carlos is exactly the right person to steer a yacht. His years of experience and his know-how allow the yacht to conquer the world.

Chef as a guest


We have a surprise chef for every Luxury Yacht Dining.


We warmly invite you to participate in these exclusive Luxury Yacht Dining experiences and explore the beauty of these fascinating destinations in style and comfort.